Getting Slimed With Nerf

Images form a recent project with Nerf

The Wire

Digging through a stack of portfolio tears, I found this Source Magazine spread from many years ago (2006?), featuring the cast of HBO's The Wire. 

On location photography by Mark Mann and Set Design & Prop Styling by Marko Orso in Brooklyn. 

Cat People throughout Time

Hemingway, Dylan and more

 Hemingway & Snowball

Hemingway & Snowball

Bob Dylan


  Jack Kerouac &  Mark Twain

Jack Kerouac & Mark Twain



Joey Ramone

  Yoko and  John

Yoko and John

 Bill Clinton & Socks Haruki Murakami 

Bill Clinton & Socks
Haruki Murakami 

   Lincoln  (ps'd obv)

Lincoln (ps'd obv)

                                                                                                Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaahaha                                                                                                                                                      Awesome.





Victoria's Secret PINK

For a specialized PINK x Dallas Cowboys store within Cowboys Stadium, Bricolage Studio hand painted PINK//Cowboy's footballs and neon pink football helmets, for visual props. One of the features of the shop was a giant Cowboys branded PINK dog. 


Customized heat press "Bling Cart", using Swarovski rhinestones for the counter and heart sign piece. 


Holiday '13 Photoshoot featured on web, catalogue, PINK store windows and instore marketing. Custom branded skis, helmets, boots and poles.

Custom PINK x MLB and PINK x NFL props.

Spring 2013 inflatable props, tailor-made for PINK.

Lisboa 2014

Pattern and repetition

Buckminster Fuller

Inventor, Designer, Architect, Mathematician and Futurist, Bucky Fuller was known for pioneering the geodesic dome. Using Tensegrity structures found in nature, Fuller applied these principles towards design solutions. Born in 1895, and kicked out of Harvard twice, Fuller passed away in 1983 with 47 honorary degrees and as the president of Mensa. 

Fuller pioneered sustainability and explored material efficiency during the 1950's. 

Fuller with Isamu Noguchi

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Cement Architecture


1.Brasilia TV Tower // Oscar Niemeyer
2.Leon Auditorium // Mansilla + Tuno'n

3.Synagogue, Negev Desert, Israel // Alfred Neumann and Zvi Hecker
4.ETA Terminal at JFK // Eero Saarinen
Library // William Pereira
6.Salk Institute // 
Louis Kahn
7. Unknown

Day in the life // randoms


1. LG // PD: Brian Hodge 

2. PINK Weather Dog

3. Diet Coke // PD: Jeff Everitt

4. IBM // PD: Claire Falkenberg